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New Arrivals

Oct 13, 2014

Joining us at the farm….


A new flock of 10 Zwartble sheep!
Zwartble sheep look very unique; they have black heads with a large white streak in the middle of their faces. Their fleece is of exceptional quality and is usually brown or black coloured. It is very much sought after by spinners and weavers. Zwartbles are very friendly and curious. 

You can see our flock getting used to their new home from the tractor ride!


A new Jersey Cow to join Toffee!

We are delighted to announce we are expecting our new Jersey Cow ‘Maple’ from Charles and Francis Readers’ Pedigree Jersey Herd near Buckingham. Maple will arrive at the farm in November after she has had her calf  which is expected any day now!  

Our milking demonstrations should commence as of November.


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