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Belmont Farm Hay Making 2015

Jun 19, 2015

If you have been lucky enough to go on one of our Tractor Rides you may of noticed the stacks of piles of grass in our fields .. Well this is Hayledge! 


Basically it means it has a higher feed value and isn’t completely dry grass! 

We cut and put the grass into bales that are then wrapped so it keeps for the winter to feed the animals on the farm, the sheep and the horses through the winter months.


We Mow It and then we leave it a day . The next day we use a rotary tedder.  This spreads it out to help it dry out a bit so it isn’t wet when we put it into bales We put it into big long rows so the baler can pick it up!

Next We Bale It - put it into bales and that tie string around it to keep it together

We Wrap it- The other tractor with a machine that basically picks the bales up and wraps 8 layers of heavy duty plastic around them to preserve them for the winter (so effectively we have pickled grass!)



Lastly We Stack Them in the yard and you can see them from the tractor ride!




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